Iran Regime’s State-Run Newspaper: Who Will Sit on US State Department Chair?


A state-run newspaper affiliated with Hassan Rouhani in an article titled “The Three Musketeers” expressed the Iranian regime’s concern over the three proposed options for the position of US Secretary of State.

On November 13, Sharq newspaper wrote: “The most important thing for neighbors and those who somehow care about the elections in America is who will sit on the State Department’s chair. No doubt he will not have any resemblance to John Kerry, the current Democratic Secretary of State who was after negotiation and a deal with Iran (regime).”

The newspaper expressing regret after negotiations with the U.S., enters the issue of three proposed options and writes: “So far, three hardline Republicans have been proposed for the position of US Secretary of State; Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House of Representatives, “Bob Korker”, current chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and one of the harshest critics of JCPOA, and “John Bolton” New-Conservative and former US Ambassador to the UN, called JCPOA “the biggest appeasement in the history of the U.S.” and claim that Iran (regime) violated this agreement.

The newspaper then addresses the situation of each one of these options and writes with horror: “In the course of nuclear negotiations Bob Corker expressed so much opposition to the negotiations and agreement that this is enough to introduce him. However, the other two options in addition to serious opposition to the Islamic Republic and agreement with Iran (regime), they have a similar feature and that is their friendship with (Mojahedin/MEK) and presence in their meeting in Paris.

Gingrich left Trump’s election campaign to attend the anti-Iranian (regime) meeting and describe them as admirable. During the campaign, he was among the probable options of Trump’s deputy. This staunch Republican has friendship and sincerity with the main opposition group to the Islamic Republic. He participated in the meeting of this group in Paris and harshly criticized both Iran (regime) and Obama’s policy on Iran.



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